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Currently being offered one-on-one to tailor the session to your needs. Don’t feel you need to be supple and flexible as it will come with practice. You will never be pushed further than your body’s ability. Yoga is a process, not a competition. Your 1 hour session fee is £45.  Yoga for Kids and Yoga for Families coming soon!


You will be taught how to use L-rods and a pendulum to dowse for a variety of information, e.g. personal, spiritual guidance, locating water or even lost items. We will look at how to correctly phrase the question and how to “program” the L-rods and pendulum. Pendulums and L-Rods will be available during the course so students may get a feel for the type they prefer. L-rods and pendulums will also be available for sale. Class is 3.5 hours and the fee is £45.


This 6-week course is all about paying attention in the moment, which is the opposite of living on autopilot. When you practise mindfulness, you begin to realise that you can harness the power of stress, by becoming mindful and paying attention to what is happening in your mind and body. It is advisable to attend all 6 classes as they are progressive. To gain the most out of these classes, home practice is required between classes. Each session is 90 minutes. Fee for the 6-week course is £90. 

Angels & Spirit Guides

Learn the special ways your angels and spirit guides interact and communicate with you and the world around you. Learn how to hear them, see them, and sense them as you begin to discern their unique ways of conversing with the human realm. What’s the difference between a spirit guide and an angel?  You will be led on a journey to meet and communicate with one of your angels. You may wish to bring a blanket and pillow. Class is 2 hours and the fee is £25.

Reflexology for Family and Friends Class

Reflexology is a natural healing art, based on the principle that there are reflexes on the head, hands and feet, that relate to all parts of the body. ​One of many forms of complementary medicine, it is extremely valuable for treating the whole of the body. This introductory course shows you the major reflex points in the feet. Students will be taught to treat each other (so come with clean feet and a towel!). This is an interest only course, and not a certificate course. Please contact Jackie if you would like the certification course.  Class is 6 hours.


Level 3 Reflexology

Jackie is the Lead Tutor for Level 3 Reflexology in the Weston-Super-Mare area for Temple Academy of Reflexology who were honoured to have been the first Association of Reflexologists Afilliated School.

By choosing to train with us you can be sure that we have met the strict criteria set by both the AoR and the Awarding Body and that the training on offer is of the highest quality.

Temple Academy of Reflexology Learners already receive a high level of support from their tutors and now they will also have access to support material provided by the AoR.

For details, please click on the icon which will take you to the Temple Academy of Reflexology website. 


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